Enuff Said x Up the Limit
High selling ram 2018 Midwest Stud Ram Sale. Raised by Sloan's.

Owned with Jimmy Strube

Happy Days
Bravo x Optimus Prime

Owned with Berry Farms

Atlas x OTL (Ali’s dam)

purchased from Hoeing/Hill Showstock
Owned with Klug Show Lambs

Atlas x Beatty

Flush mate to Big Chill at Wheatons

QRNN - Impact 48 x Myaigi x Unleaded

Purchased from Berry Farms

Devotion x Bravo's flush mate sister, raised by Hurliman

Owned with Hurliman and Jimmy Strube

Prime Time: QRNN
Optimus Prime x Money Ball x Wide Trac

Owned with Jimmy Strube

Prime Power: QRNN
Optimus Prime x Power Trac

Owned with Esquell Show lambs

Megatron: RRNN
Optimus Prime x Turtle Man


America's Chicken: RRNN

Shower Chicken x Stud Duck

Owned with Hindman

Rooster: RRNN
Choad x Bird 

Owned with Albrect livestock

Optimus Prime: QRNN
Bush Wacker x Imact 1200 (Arms Race daughter)

Owned with Impact Hamps

Hillbilly Bone: RRNN
Mr.Bone x Top Secret

Purchased from BJ Wright.

Money Ball: Impact 127
Arms Race x Game Face

Dam of Money Ball

Power Trac: QRNN
Wide Trac x Enforcer

Here he is the most powerful son of Wide Trac. The Same great base width, soundness and muscle of his great sire, just bigger racked and shaggier legged.

Introducing Wide Trac
Pyro Keeper son:

Pyro x Impact 137
(Nitro Circus x Money Maker)




Free and Easy: RRNN
Wide Trac x Big Easy

The most ideal structured of the Wide Trac sons, Free and Easy is built from the ground up setting on the perfect set of feet and legs, upheaded and cocky fronted, he moves with easy, yet maintains plenty of the muscle his sire and grand sire are known for.

Sold to Oney Cortes

Diamond Eyes x Big Easy x Direct Hit

Wild Dog: RRNN
Dog X Duece

Out of a Middelsworth bred ewe purchase. This guys got a dead level hip thats as wide and rugged as you can make one, stout boned, perfect in his hip loin juncture, huge racked, and as shallow a heart and rib as you can make in one with this much muscle.

Enforcer: RRNN


Stud Duck x Duece.  Acquired via a Middelsworth bred ewe purchase

Out There: QRNN
SNP x 2nd

1/2 interest purchased from High Hill Farms. With out question the most far out ram we came across in 2009 in terms of true bone size and circumference, rack shape, length and width of hip and extension thru the front end. We think this guy could have unlimited potential crossed on our Alpha Dog daughters.

Torch X Showbox

Thanks to Rule Sheep Co. for selling us 1/2 interest in this outstanding young sire of Champions. We feel he will be the perfect compliment to our Hindman and Impact ewe base.


Intimidator: QRNN

Relapse x High Hill 2nd daughter. Owned with O'Day Show Lambs.

Enron: RRNN
Blue Cabaniss X Nick granddaughter

Thanks to Rule Sheep Co. for allowing us to purchase part interest in this proven sire of Champions.

ShaBoom: RRNN
Diamond Eyes x Big Easy


Smoke x Ceaser x Power Dunk
1/2 interest purchased in Pyro from Clair Club Lambs


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